About Us

Our Story Started in 1950

Polikamp, based on 1950 and started to produce plastic shoeses.

Polikamp, founded by Mustafa and Mehmet SAVRUN in 1986 as KAMBER PLASTIC and started to produce polyurethane slippers in 2000.

Polikamp, became a polyurethane factory in 2003 and produce 60.000 pear slippers per day in 7500 m² area with last technology.

Polikamp growing up day by day and today has a tread production in 6000 m² Factory area in Organized Industrial Area.

We are using best raw materials and selling our products with low prices. All stages of production take place in our factory. So we have large trade web in the World.

  • We always prefer the best raw materials.
  • We always work with the most professional production team.
  • Our facility is always equipped with the latest technology.
  • All stages from production to delivery pass our quality control.
  • All the products we produce are guaranteed by our company.
  • We follow the Slippers and Sports Shoes sector continuously and closely.
Mission and Vision

Better Quliy, More Healthy

Our mission is to provide the most appropriate and highest quality solutions to patients with orthopedic disease.

  • Latest Technology Production Facility It is our first rule to always work with the latest technology.
  • Professional Production Team We strive to work with people with a minimum of 10 years experience in the industry.
  • INSTANTLY QUALITY CONTROLS We always check our product and service quality.
  • INNOVATIVE R&D We always research for the best.